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Game Design Cards

I’m currently enjoying Jesse Schell’s excellent ‘The Art of Game Design’. A brilliant book that covers a huge range of topics. However, one of the most interesting additions to the 400+ pages of text is a set of one-hundred cards that Schell calls ‘lenses’. These offer a number of considerations pertaining to the various aspects of the games conception. Everything from handling client expectations, to pacing and aesthetic coherence. All in all, they seem like a practical and invigorating set of tools to ensure your game stays on track.

Which leads me onto the thought of designing a similar set of cards for music production. The cards could be split into groups for composition, arrangement, mixing, album sequencing, pacing etc.

Guess I better get on it then aye… more to follow… at some point.

There is a free app for the Game Design Cards available for iPhone and Android. Available here: